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Company Profile

The company Kastanidis Bros SA was founded in 1975 in Ptolemaida from Menelaus Kastanidis having as its object the marketing work Electrical Goods, Kitchen, Sanitary Ware, Tile.

In 1991 it changed its statutes business in SA and expanded by opening a new store in Kastoria.

In 1996 the reins of the business took his three children.

Plus having long experience in the action area, the company offers complete solutions to its customers with experienced and qualified staff.

As a company we have a huge range of
• Sanitary
• Jacuzzi
• Bathroom Furniture
• Batteries
• Tiles
• Tiles Wall
• Sinks
• hoods
• Kitchen
• Fireplaces
• Stoves

And all of the most large and prestigious "homes" of the respective area.

Our customers now know that the 40 years of our experience can guarantee the quality, affordable prices, prompt and friendly service.

With respect,
Bros Kastanidis