Kitchen Battery Stainless Orabella Steel SS304 ,

Battery Kitchen Stainless Orabella Steel SS304


Kitchen Battery Stainless Orabella Steel SS304

The Orabella Steel SS304 kitchen battery is a top choice for both home and business use. They combine affordable price with high design and ease of use. Open the battery and be impressed by the sparkling water flow and gentle movement of the mechanism.

  • Spiral inox 45 cm heavy duty with DVGW certification suitable for drinking water.. Their advantage is that the water does not smell in relation to common spirals and they have high resistance to pressure fluctuations.
  • Water saving up to 30% compared to common batteries thanks to special design and battery filter
  • Very low noise level during use
  • They are accompanied by a 5-year written factory warranty and are backed by a full range of spare parts
  • Excellent 5-layer nickel-plated quality that guarantees ease of cleaning and shine for many years of use
  • All individual construction materials such as rubber, flanges, mechanisms are certified and suitable for drinking water
  • They carry the top KEROX ceramic disc mechanism for many years of seamless operation.
  • They are accompanied by a self-tapping valve (click-clamp) made of brass (not ZINC)
  • Very easy to place thanks to easyfix


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